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Protecting Your Proprietary Information


At Shadow Systems, we understand that one of your most valuable corporate assets is information. Therefore, protecting your proprietary information is a top prioritity with us.

We have entered into formal non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with many of our clients, but we treat the information of all clients with the same care and diligence.

Your material is safe with us. Here's why:

  • All of our transcription work is performed in our office. We never "sub out" any work to anyone outside of Shadow Systems, and no one is ever permitted to take work home. From day one we've required that all who work for us live locally to our office, i.e., no tele-working. (See our notice of such restrictions on our Employment page.) So, if we are swamped with work and do not have the resources to do your job at the time you request, we will try to arrange with you a time when we can do the work. If your needs are such than we can not work out an arrangement of that sort, we will not accept the job, and will try and refer someone who can.

  • As mentioned above, we do have NDAs in force with many of our clients. Additionally, we have NDAs in force with all of our transcriptionists, so everyone who works on your transcripts is aware of the importance of protecting your information. In the rare instance where we have needed to bring in temporary help, such a person is required to sign our NDA.

  • For your convenience, we archive the transcripts we produce so that we can provide you with a copy of that seminar that you did last year but can't find. Our archives are on removable media and physically locked away in a safety depoist box at our bank. However, some customers, as an extra security precaution, prefer that their transcripts not be archived, and for these cases we respect and honor their request.

  • Our transcripts are not accessible on any computer on the Web. We do provide a secure FTP server for the transfer of presentation materials and transcripts, but each customer who uses this service has a unique user ID and password. Data is not stored on this server; it is deleted once the file transfer has completed.

Be assured, once we receive your program, your information never leaves our office ― except, of course, when we send the finished transcript back to you!


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